The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™

You Are Not Broken

The most important thing to understand is that you are not broken and you are not damaged, you have been traumatized. Your brain is also wired to heal. Your confidence will grow with each small success, as you realize you have the ability to take control and feel better naturally.

How to Use the Technique

The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™ must be used with the Refuge In Rhythm, LLC audio or video aids to produce the desired results. In addition, do not use The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™  while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or CBD products, pharmaceutical, recreational drugs or over-the counter drugs containing sedatives, sleep aids, during medical or recreational psychedelics use or after moderate-to-heavy caffeine consumption. The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™ is simple, but has a powerful calming effect that can induce emotional releases and/or sleep for several hours.

Understanding Your Trauma

The key to self-recovery is an understanding of what is happening when you experience anxiety, panic attacks, dissociation, flashbacks and other heightened states. These are all forms of dysregulation, brought on by a neurological response to triggers. These triggers activate your instinctive trauma response.

The instinctive trauma response is analogous to a tiger emerging from the brush, prepared to protect its organism at all cost. You are that organism. Your tiger is defending you from perceived threats based on a past traumatic experience. It is a mistake to push yourself mentally or physically in an effort to confront trauma head-on. Your tiger must be soothed gently, gradually, and in a safe environment before it is convinced that there’s no present threat to you or to someone you love. The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™ is a rhythmic intervention technique that speaks the language of your tiger. It is the language of the primitive brain. Soothing and re-training your tiger is what the Refuge In Rhythm Technique™ does for you. You are accessing your brain’s natural calming mechanism in order return to a regulated state. With each reversal of your symptoms, you break the cycle of a conditioned neurological response to the past, while moving toward the ability to utilize the higher brain regions when confronted with the same triggers in the future.

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