“I met with Chrissie in my office during my second term as the Secretary of The Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs. I found myself fully engaged in her story for an hour and I usually kicked people out of my office after fifteen minutes.

Weeks later, I visited her office in Annapolis to learn more about her Refuge In Rhythm Technique and to experience it for myself. I can only say that it was fascinating and I feel that it is a much-needed asset for our Veterans who struggle with PTSD. Please take advantage of what this woman has to offer.”

George Owings, III – Sergeant USMC, Vietnam 1965-1968

“I had the opportunity to work with Chrissie in an attempt to better understand my anxiety attacks… her approach allowed me to play an active role in my own process and for that I could not be more grateful. Her appreciation for the brain’s natural response to stress and trauma was explained in a way that made sense, and as a physical therapist, I have come out the other side of this process and am no longer afraid of my own anxiety and realize it is something that I can manage with diligent practice and awareness”

Alex B. – Physical Therapist

“I was amazed with the outcome of my experience with Chrissie. I have always struggled with anxiety in public/social settings and after my first training in the Refuge In Rhythm Technique, I was able to go to the mall without an ounce of anxiety present, something I had never experienced before. I was present and calm and understood that my anxiety doesn’t need to conquer my life every day. I can’t recommend this enough!”

Sam R. – Nursing Student

“Chrissie gave me a clear, doable action plan to calm my nervous system, giving me recourse and hope. Her technique is an incredible tool for quickly calming my symptoms of trauma, anxiety, and sensory overload. Chrissie is a very kind-hearted, encouraging, and non-judgmental person. She helped me to believe in myself and guided me to a place of self-empowerment in my healing journey.”

Lea B.

“I started having panic attacks when I was a kid. After two meetings with Chrissie, she taught me how to use the Refuge In Rhythm Technique for myself. I haven’t had a panic attack since. I don’t understand how this works, but I’ve never been so happy in my life!”

Brad P. – Gamer

“My daughter suffered with anxiety and emotion regulation problems from trauma for years, and this incredible technique has been life-changing! She now is able to calm anxieties and triggers in her daily life using The Refuge In Rhythm Technique. I cannot say enough good things about Chrissie as a passionate, inspirational coach and mentor, who is deeply committed to helping others.

After a long and difficult journey trying just about every healing modality out there without success, the Refuge In Rhythm Technique shifted our old thinking about healing from trauma, and marked a profoundly positive turning point for my daughter in her restorative journey.”

Sabrina R. – Mom of three fantastic children

“I have lived with diagnoses of depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder for much of my adult life. I am now 69, have been medicated in the past by the medical community for much of the last 40 years, and nothing worked. In fact, most of the drugs have such terrifying side effects.

I was at rock bottom and was desperate for help. I know Chrissie personally and she taught me her Refuge In Rhythm Technique. It has helped me more than any medication, ECT, hospitalisation or any other traditional medical interventions. It’s easy to learn, takes a few minutes of your day while you are working in the technique. She has changed my life. Thank you Chrissie, love you!”

Judy D. – Equestrian

“I love you so much and I could never thank you enough for helping me over break. Even though it was just a little bit, I haven’t felt so safe and so calm in so long.”

Julia H. – College Student