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Take An Active Part In Your Healing In The Comfort of Your Home

Refuge In Rhythm, LLC will show you something you have never seen before. You will learn how to use the Refuge In Rhythm Technique™️ to reverse your anxiety, panic attacks, dissociation, flashbacks, sensory overload, and ADD. Working with your own natural calming mechanisms, you will restore yourself to a natural state of calmness, clarity, and focus.

The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™ was created at home and is for use at home. It allows you to take an active part in your own healing process. Created by Chrissie Zee, self-healed (C)PTSD survivor, owner and Founder of Refuge In Rhythm®️, Mamas Healing Trauma®️ , and Anxiety Benched™️, she used her technique to reverse her own flashbacks, dissociation, panic attacks and anxiety and to heal her (C)PTSD completely.

What Does The Refuge In Rhythm Technique Do?

In simple terms, you are using the coordinating influences of your nervous system. We are born with the natural ability to regulate ourselves. The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™️

  • Breaks the loop the trauma response.
  • Puts heightened states under control.
  • Restores us back to our natural state of calmness, clarity and focus.
  • Reveres anxiety, panic attacks, dissociation, flashbacks, sensory overload and ADD.

Anxiety, panic attacks, dissociation, flashbacks and sensory overload are forms of dysregulation and they may require regulation strategies and interventions. For those heightened states, The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™️ can be your most valuable tool for feeling better. When you use Refuge In Rhythm’s rhythmic intervention technique, you can also build resilience so that you don’t lose your free will to programming from the past when an event caused you to feel disconnected from comfort and safety. Resilience can be taught at any age and that’s part of what The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™️ does for you.

The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™ can also be used by anyone as mental hygiene after a stressful period or a prolonged period of sensory overload.

What We Offer

Refuge In Rhythm, LLC does not offer therapy and does not sell therapeutic music. Refuge In Rhythm, LLC and Chrissie Zee provide instruction and training in The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™ and share tips and strategies based on her personal experience and research into why she was able to heal herself. Chrissie discovered that there are particular patterns and certain musical instruments that are effective for integrating, regulating, and calming heightened states associated with Post Traumatic Stress.

Introduction to The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™

The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™ is an in-home rhythmic intervention technique used to reverse states of anxiety, panic attack, dissociation, flashback and sensory overload.

Refuge in Rhythm® Video Library

The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™ uses a formula of rhythms and sounds at the correct tempos to reach primitive brain centers in order to reverse dysregulated states, restoring natural calmness and mental clarity.

Online Training and Workshops

We are neurologically wired to connect with rhythm. Rhythm has been a central element of  healing for countless cultures since humankind began.

What Supplies are Needed for The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™?

Who should NOT use The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™?

The Science of Rhythm

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